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The Legend of Zelda:  A Link Between Worlds iPhone 5 Wallpaper Backgrounds

NOTE:  These also fit for iPhone 4/4S.

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For ibbaras (I hope you feel better!)

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Me vs. normal people after a vacation. [afro-pig]


Me vs. normal people after a vacation. [afro-pig]

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I understand they wanted to go a different direction here, but honestly I just really dislike it. I really thought Moira wouldn’t end up like an Ashley Graham type. I’m just annoyed by her “support” role.

I have to agree here. I get it in terms of being realistic for…

Ehh, I don’t know.  It depends how they do it.  My favorite part of Resident Evil 4 was playing as Ashley because there was a greater sense of urgency in running from enemies, having to out-maneuver them, and tricking them (in the loosest sense of the word).  Plus, I really loved Haunting Ground, which was p. much all about teh evasion.  Moira has yet to impress me as a character, but I think I’ll have a pretty good time playing as her.

yeah I guess I could understand it if they were going with that. 

what gives me hope is that they say Moira is going to grow as a character throughout the game. I can tell just from the details they’ve given about her she has a bit more complexity to her character than Ashley ever had. That in my eyes was Ashley’s only problem: i really didn’t give two poops about her, i just wanted her to live so i could continue on and beat the game. If Moira is an interesting character that you feel compelled to protect, I think that could really bring an interesting dynamic to the game.

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Spiders with water droplet hats are something I really needed to know about.

I have a bad phobia of spiders but this is freaking adorable alright

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I’m really not happy to hear that Alyson Court isn’t going to be Claire Redfield in Rev 2, and I hope CAPCOM isn’t surprised about the outcry from fans. I believe she’s been the only consistent voice actor for a character in the whole game series, and It’s been a looong time since RE2. 

Losing her suddenly now, when Claire has finally made a return… Really? It just sucks. :( Especially since Alyson loves the character, loves her fans… it’s just a dang shame. 

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my seeds have sprouted and now i have a little friend


my seeds have sprouted and now i have a little friend

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this is my favorite joke on TV ever

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September 10th, 1993. Who could have ever known what was starting? 

Happy 21st Anniversary to The X-Files from all of us at Doodle4NF

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