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If you don’t think these are the greatest than you’re lying

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I smell it in the air. It’s coming.


Halloween season.

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TurboRoo, a chihuahua born without its front legs, was given a 3D printed cart made by San Diego firm 3dyn so he could train to be a service dog for disabled children.

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"i’m free."

rest in peace, robin williams.

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finally a character who gets me

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Oliver the Dog and Arashi the Cat: the cutest best friends ever!

Photos by ©izumiechan - Via BuzzFeed

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Comic Book Meme | [1/5 Female Characters]

Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel)

"Have you ever seen a little girl run so fast she falls down? There’s an instant, a fraction of a second before the world catches hold of her again… A moment when she’s outrun every doubt and fear she’s ever had about herself and she flies. In that one moment, every little girl flies. I need to find that again. Like taking a car out into the desert to see how fast it can go, I need to find the edge of me… And maybe, if I fly far enough, I’ll be able to turn around and look at the world… and see where I belong.”

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